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Xenoglyphs are nine different element stones, that grant their holder complete power of said element. It is said that Greek Gods and other deities throughout the ages all possessed and used these stones, for their power is enough to turn a mortal into a God. The nine elements include:Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light, Dark, Plant, Metal, and Heart.It is up to Steven and his friends to keep Annubis from collecting all the stones and harvesting their power for himself!

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Founded in 2012 by Omar Spahi, OSSM Comics started out as a tiny publisher. In began by Publishing Xenoglyphs, Thaniel, Monomyth. OSSM has partnered with Image Comics for two of their titles, Sons of the Devil and Hadrian's Wall. Their goal to develop high-concept intellectual properties and develop them into film and television. Find a new favorite comic here

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