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Anubis1The story begins with the villain, a man obsessed that calls himself Anubis killing a man for not bringing him the Xenoglyph he had asked for. Cut to Steven James and his best friend Dom Jenkins trying to stop an unknown group of people from finding the Xenoglyph that is hidden in Egypt. Steven meets a beautiful woman by the name of Jennifer, in the lobby. Steven then explains to Dom the nature of the Xenoglyphs, which are nine stones each with an elemental power; whoever holds onto a stone has complete control over that element. Steven is a separator, a person chosen to keep the stones separate in order to prevent any one person from attaining that much power. Of the nine elements, which include Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light, Dark, Plant, Metal, and Heart. The history goes on to explain that the Greek Gods and many major historical figures had XenoGlyphs. XenoGlyphs are hidden all around the world in selected monuments. Steven is charged with keeping the Light Xenoglyph from falling into the wrong hands. In order to prevent the Xenoglyph that is hidden in Egypt from being found, Steven and Dom decide to find it themselves. Upon breaking into the museum, they find the key already stolen.

Steven and Dom are left with no other option than to wait outside the pyramid, and just as they are about to give up, they notice a group of people holding a large case walking. Suddenly, a mysterious warrior appears and tries to stop them. Figuring that the mysterious warrior needs their help, Steven and Dom join in the save what ends up being Jennifer, from the hotel lobby.

The three go back to the hotel room, empty handed, and realize that Jennifer is also a separator. Just then, they see a man fall past their window, and Jennifer recognizes him from the fight. They are the first to get to his body, finding a business card with a corporation name and address. Upon going to the address on the card, they find it to not be the same name as on the card. Going inside to explore, they find detailed maps and plans leading to the locations of ALL the Xenoglyphs. As they are leaving, they are seen by Carlton, Anubis’s right-hand man. Carlton fights them and kidnaps Jennifer.

Dom and Steven save Jennifer from Carlton. Steven decides to go over to the pyramid to finally stop Anubis from getting the Xenoglyph, but it’s already too late. Anubis gets the dark Xenoglyph and battles Steven with the light Xenoglyph in an epic battle of good versus evil. Steven loses the fight to get back the darkness Xenoglyph from Anubis, as Steven lets Anubis escape so he can save his best friend Dom.
The story continues as Anubis and Steven meet at locations all around the world in a race to search for the remaining Xenoglyphs.

OSSM Comics

Founded in 2012 by Omar Spahi, OSSM Comics started out as a tiny publisher. In began by Publishing Xenoglyphs, Thaniel, Monomyth. OSSM has partnered with Image Comics for two of their titles, Sons of the Devil and Hadrian’s Wall. Their goal to develop high-concept intellectual properties and develop them into film and television.

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Our team

Omar SpahiWriter
OSSM Comics founder and Real Estate Mogul, Omar Spahi has written Xenoglyphs, Thaniel, Separators. His company has also been able to publish several comics through Image Comics. He’s also been attached an executive producer on the feature film Code 8. As a licensed real estate agent, he works at Keller Williams. Mr. Spahi has also been featured on Million Dollar Listing: New York where he recorded the highest real estate sale per square foot. Find more about him here

PJ Catacutan Artist
Peejay Catacutan, the Art Director of OSSM Comics, is a self-taught illustrator from the Philippines. He does everything from lines to colors for his pages on XenoGlyphs and Separators. Besides working on OSSM titles, he is also an entertainment illustrator doing mostly sketch card art for Marvel and Star Wars.
Steve Wands Letterer
He’s a comic book letterer working on top titles at DC Comics, Image, Vertigo, BOOM! Studios, Random House, and Kodansha Comics (to name a few). He also designs, inks, and illustrates for those, and other, companies. He’s the author of the Stay Dead series and is a writer of short stories. When not working he spends time with his wife and sons in New Jersey. Oh, and he drinks a lot of coffee.
Barbara Kesel Editor
She’s is an American writer and editor of comic books. Her bibliography includes work for Crossgen, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Marvel Comics. She’s also known for editing one of the highest regarded comics of all time; Watchmen.
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